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Virgins move on the Daily Mail harms freedom of speech.

Don’t get me wrong, I have little regard for the Daily Mail and even lesser regard for their content, in all it is a sensationalist media publication. One that passes much as a idler for the caught on the toilet moments without candy crush. Nonetheless, I believe in the freedom …

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Theresa May’s reshuffle? It was a musical chair of crap

We all know cabinet reshuffles are about who wields the power; unless you are Theresa May and you are a powerless premier; wielding all the responsibility without an ounce of power. Yes there is always the associated propaganda be fore any government reshuffle, to help push in their ideas or …

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Now Who is Naked and Alone? : Theresa May, Without Friends.

Theresa May: Naked and Alone

Theresa May is ‘alone and friendless’ in Downing Street, her former spokesman says ‘She’s a hostage to the Conservative Party within Downing Street, waiting until someone knocks on the door and basically says “you can sling your hook”‘   Joey Jones said it would be hard for Theresa May to say …

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A Self Written Political Obituary: By Theresa May

Theresa May stubbornly stays on – but she has written her own political obituary May’s secretive, dictatorial way of working is what allowed her to shake-up social care funding without consulting her Cabinet colleagues The working majority of 17 that she inherited has now vanished Getty Theresa May might still be …

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If History Repeats Itself: Corbyn Will Be Prime Minister

Jeremy Corbyn is playing the long game – if history is indeed repeating itself, he will be the Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have done their history homework, and know that Ted Heath fell days after forming a Tory minority government in 1974 Jeremy Corbyn performed much better …

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